Picture from newspaper

Picture from newspaper

Beauty, created from simple and everyday things, sometimes not even visible at first glance. Creating paintings from cereals, coffee, pasta, we do not get tired to look for new raw material for fancy creations. As you are such a picture of the newspapers? Many even had not occurred to create this kind of product. For those who love originality, today dedicate a true class.


To create such an unusual pattern, you will need: =

  • silk ribbon, for example, Organza
  • yarn for decoration
  • old newspapers
  • glue
  • frame
  • brush
    This master class took tapes of green and blue – to simulate the sky and grass. It may also require ink to obscure some of the details from the newspaper, but they can be replaced with the ability to something else – for example, ordinary shadows, blush or tea brewing.

So, let’s begin!

1. Mix the adhesive with water to approximately one to one.

2. Tear a newspaper on the average pieces and glue them randomly to each other.


3. Now, with ribbons of blue and green colors mark the line of grass and sky. Attach one strip after another until the paste over the entire area of ​​the future picture.



4. While the backdrop dries, cut out from the newspaper details of the house and darken their ink or other means available.

5. When all the parts are dry, glue the house in the center of the picture. The line can be distinguished decorative grass green yarn.


6. At the bottom of the painting can add an inscription or an important date: for example, the date of foundation of the house, or marriage.