How to sew a pillow with pompoms

To create a multi-colored pillows

How to sew a pillow with pompoms



To create a multi-colored pillows we need: braid with pom-poms (3.5 m of each color on the basis of cushion 50 * 50 cm) satin fabric for pillow cut 3: 55 * 55cm, 25 * 55cm, 45 * 55 cm.


Cut satin fabric size. Braid with pompoms cut into lengths of cloth of 50 cm to 7 pieces of each color. Now braid crimson command the tailor’s needles to the front side (back off 3-4 cm from the edge) cut 55 * 55 cm. Sew on a sewing machine . Next row sew close to the previous one (to avoid gaps satin fabric), but place the braid so that the pom-poms were staggered. Sew on the sewing machine. In the same way sew each color of the seven bands. From the edges of the cut interfering linking pompoms. Now, on the one hand cuts 25 * 55 and 45 * 55 jotted edge. Part pillowcases with pompons turn to the wrong side and sew her first segments 45 * 55 cm (also on the reverse side), and then the segment 25 * 55 cm. This way you get the usual pillow case, but with the decoration on the front side. Insert pillow pillowcase – pillow with pompoms ready!









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