Piñatas colorful and fun

Piñatas colorful and fun

Who has no home in cardboard packaging, tetra pak those classic filling refrigerator when we bought milk, juices and other beverages. Usually we do with them, it is clean and separate for recycling, but it is not very common use in crafts as such. After seeing both, I wanted to make a DIY idea to them and the result is this that show you today … Piñatas colorful and fun for the kids we can do for parties or just for fun with them at any time :). With me?


We need:

  • Tetra Pak cartons.
  • Coarse thread, can be waxed.
  • Colorful crepe paper.
  • Hot glue gun or liquid silicone.
  • Cutter.
  • Scissors.
  • 3 or 4 large buttons.
  • A bead (optional).
  • A wooden washer (optional).

These milk jugs, juice and others who often end up in the trash, have a new opportunity with this idea. Let’s see how …


Before starting work it is important to wash and thoroughly clean each package you’ll use. Let it dry, and began to cut off the cuter the bottom.

Step followed, cut the caps to allow the smooth surface as possible. The remains can go directly to the recyclable waste.

Then, with the cutter, we make two small cuts, as seen in the photographs. The first thing to do is add our pinata hanging cord.


We cut a generous piece of waxed thread (chose this thread for resistance ?) that can fold in half. We spent one end by one of the cuts we made ​​in the previous step (pass inward) and knotted with a button. We repeat the same with the end of the remaining wire.


Here you can see how it has been inside. It will be tough for the final weight of the piñata.


If you want to plug the hole was the peak, they can hit a button, but not required. This paper will be covered later.


Now our piñata filled with all sweets, candy, colored paper, small toys and all those things we would like to add.


We closed the piñata? Yes! They can do this by cutting a double crepe paper and adding an extra piece in the middle. The dual role is tough and now add the part to pull it. We need a piece of wire, a bead and a button.

We spent one end of the thread through the wooden ball and make a small hole in the center of the piece of paper. There pass the other end of the thread and knotted with the button.


With the closure list, we take the hot glue gun and paste it into the base. You can also use liquid silicone, but take longer to dry.


To decorate! A nice combination of colors in crepe or similar roles will make this a nice and friendly piñata full of surprises for children. Cut the strips and silicone paste with combining as we go.


Ready to be enjoyed! It has not been beautiful? We can make it very fast and recycle at a time …


I hope you liked the idea and they can do it!


Courtesy: guiademanualidades.com

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