Planters of pine needles

Planters of pine needles

Planters of pine needles

See what beauty can be made ​​from pine needles. Very neat and beautiful work.


All that is needed for weaving: needles, thread, needle, scissors. Before weaving needles should be prepared. How I do it:


collect needles and sort it, that is collecting needle to the needle in one direction;
bind the resulting beam (can clerical needle),
then it is necessary to soak the bundle of needles in boiling water for an hour,
remove unnecessary flake at the base of the needle can be with a cloth so as not to injure and do not get your hands dirty (shown in the photo how to do it).


When the needles are ready, you can start working. Enough to wrap it in a cloth and remove excess moisture. Take 20-25 needles (thickness of the beam can define your own), if the beam is thicker, the product will be stronger in the end, it is necessary to continue to wind thread on the needle, forming a string of 5 cm. Wrap the twine obtained in “snail” and start making stitches, capturing a small layer of the bottom row. After every 1 – 2 stitches add needles, thrusting them or underneath the beam, or in the middle. So it is necessary to continue the flat weave to the desired size donyshka; Transition to the walls do need to gradually lifting beam needles puncture seam while also shifting. I plet without any additional devices that regulate the thickness of the beam, the direction of the needle does not require my form. Hands as you yourself feel. I direct the beam at weaving the left side, I feel so comfortable, the thread is not confused. The top row I finished with reverse stitching, to obtain such crosses.


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