Plastic carry bag holder

Plastic carry bag

Plastic carry bag holder n dispenser- made using a waste carton

courtesy :Shoba Lepakshi‎


Procedure : (1) This is made using an empty long carton box brown coloured. Use a knife or paper cutter to cut out Square windows (3 x 2.5 inches roughly) on all the 3 sides of the box leaving the 4 side as such to stick onto the wall. Oval or round windows will also look great.
(2) The bottom end is closed while the top end is kept open to stuff carry bags. The square windows are also used to stuff or remove bags.
(3) Paint the box with stripes of chocolate brown acrylic paint. I feel stripes or check boxes painting gives a great look for this piece..too much of painting or art work might make it look clumsy… you ultimately stuff it with covers of different colors. If u use water paint make sure d box is placed in a dry place and the carry bags you stuff are dry too
(4) Nailed the box to the wall using a drill gun with a long nose. Note – hanging on a nail or double sided sticker will nto a give a suitable grip to the bax while pulling or stuffing covers into it.
5) I have used a 2 Ft carton box here- use longer box to get more storage space.

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