Point of painting on glass mug

Point of painting on glass mug

Point of painting on glass mug

I want to share with you a technique point of painting on glass mug. While that’s still summer, but the idea to my mug bright autumn.


1. Getting started with our mugs degreasing alcohol. If alcohol is not something with my dish detergent, wipe dry.

2. Next, seal the top of the circles overlapping pair of masking tape series. This is done in order to put our future at the same time drawing and indent from the top edge of the cup. Where we touched her lips contact with paints and varnishes is invalid. Apply the upper limit of the figure, I do it symbolically to the eye, but you can advance to draw a sketch on paper and on its basis have put the top of the pattern.


3. After that, the prototyping or stencil knife to cut off the lower part of the picture masking tape, leaving only the top of a sealed, where no painting. Paint and stencil blades vary the width of the blade. As a general rule, cut the sinuous lines of convenient stencil knife with a narrow blade.


4. If you have a clear ground glass, then at this stage, they should be covered with our mug, leave to dry according to the instructions to the ground. I was in the presence of firm ground “Ferarri”. The soil is not a mandatory part of the program of painting, I know many masters do not use soil, but I was, and I decided to apply it in the case.


5. As the basis for my transparent circle and basic background under a black-painted planned, I decided to paint a mug at the beginning of the golden color to the inside she was not gloomy, but also golden in the autumn. Gold impose two layers of sponge (or piece of foam sponge). Depending on the degree of opacity of paint may require more than two layers.


6. When completely dry gold cover mug with black paint, you can use a brush and sponge foam, I covered brush. The number of black layers also depends upon the hiding power of paint. I paint was rather thick, enough for one layer.


7. Next, wait for the complete drying of paint, varnish in a single layer, dry them again and carefully remove the masking tape. Where it does not want to separate and pulls the paint, carefully cut through the joint knife. If there are places where the paint podtekla under the masking tape, cleans her with a knife, it will not hurt the glass.


8. Take a soft white pencil and plot the contours of the future pattern I have this leaves and curls. If you had a sketch to check with them.

8 (1)

9. Start painting. The first thing I delineate the upper part of the figure, hiding the boundary between the glass and the paint. To this end, I chose the path, the color matching the interior with gold paint. I have for this great circuit came “Tair” color “Gold”. PLANNED leaves.


10. Next, go from top to bottom: the leaves, curls, big point to give the painting volume and texture. Then added contours “Tair” color “bright gold” and “dark red”.


11. simple fills the background Striped contour “Metallic Purple”.


12. painted bedplate.


13. And finally, the knob.


14. When completely dry erase white pencil outlines with a damp cloth and cover painted with acrylic paint in two layers.

15. To secure the painting I decided to cover his mug porcelain painting and bake in the oven according to instructions. That’s what I did.

12 13 14

Included with the “gold” I did mug “bronze”, used in the paint and painted bronze went a little darker. Here’s a fall yin-yang.

Mugs, painted in such a way, do not wash in the dishwasher or soak in water. Just rinse and wipe dry. And it will make you happy for a long time.

Courtesy: efachka

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