Polymer clay heart

Polymer clay

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Polymer clay heart


1. We need a piece of red plastic;

2. lepim heart;

3. dent toothpick side – there will be hole for the strap;

4. slapped on top of a piece of plastic toothpick, smooth surface;

5. For decoration good use rhinestones;

6. Now you need to proceed directly to the heart decoration. To get many of the same small rings, use a device that is used jewelers – only they wind the wire, and we clocked a thick needle thinly rolled sausage.
7. cut along until the needle;

8. received a lot of decorative elements – rings!

9. in our little heart two entry points – place entry and exit toothpicks and strazik. Strazik will have mid of a flower around a toothpick, we will diverge circles, alternating them with rings circles. Fill all space small details – petals, leaves, circles …
10. When the free space will be left – heart ready to bake! Before baking remove the crystals, I did not do this – and I have it discolored, pink and white became uninteresting. I then replaced it on the other.
11. let cool product

12. We need a piece of sponge or brush, black acrylic paint and wipes.
13. Apply the black paint and immediately erase it from the surface -So, the paint will remain between the two patterns, making them more contrast. If I did this heart again, I would probably stop at this. I’ll be right on the spot, put on a super-glue.
14.can use the gold acrylic paint – to cover the heart and then wipe cloth, removing any excess.
15. Here is the finished decoration, just shines in the sun!

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