Preparation of the pumpkin to carving

I hasten to show you a very interesting work, masterpieces, masters Marilyn Sunderland from Colombia, Missouri. The author specializes in carving, likes to work with pumpkins, carving uses printmaker. If you are for the development of carving a pumpkin is missing , no doubt that this publication is for you) There are so many ideas for inspiration, personally I take your breath away) And to the post carrying not only inspiring favor briefly take a walk relating to the preparation of the pumpkin to carving




masterpieces from the pumpkin, master dry for 6 months. Pattern on the pumpkin, it cuts through . To give their pumpkin products more bump and expressiveness Marilyn often uses additional elements carved separately from other pumpkins. For product coating artist uses oil, acrylic or natural colors.

Drawing inspiration from the surrounding scenic landscapes and unique colors of nature in Utah, where she lives, Marilyn decorates pumpkins fancy ornaments, magical colors, carved leaves and turns an ordinary nondescript vegetable in a true work of art. It is not surprising that it is the owner of numerous diplomas and first prizes in various competitions and exhibitions. Her work with the heartbeat become art galleries, art lovers and fans, celebrities, and one of its carved pumpkins decorated cabinet of George W. Bush in the White House.

How to prepare a pumpkin to work
Cut away pumpkin, leaving the stalk length of about 10 cm to allow its use as a handle cover. Thoroughly wash and wipe the pumpkin. Clean out the insides













Carefully cut off the top part of the pumpkin. If you plan to use it as cover, then when cutting keep the knife at an angle, directing its tip to the center of the pumpkin. Cut out so the cover is to fall into when you Coverings her pumpkin.

Diameter of cut cap should be large enough to make it convenient to clean the inside of the pumpkin (12-15 cm).

Spoon or spatula to choose seeds, clean out the inside flesh. We reserve the wall thickness of 2-3 cm in the large pumpkin and 1-1.5 cm in the small. Grind the inner surface of a large sandpaper.

Dry the pumpkin.

Dry pumpkin recommended by scattered rays of the sun, for example, on the windowsill, and always away from radiators, because when overheated battery pumpkin can become brittle.

To speed up the drying process, it is possible to stuff inside the pumpkin and the newspaper about once a day to change them, the newspaper will absorb the excess moisture.

Professionals use a pumpkin for making commercial products, the process of drying is removed up to 6 months. If you want to get your creative pumpkin remained in good condition for many years, you have to be patient.

If you plan only to please friends and family souvenirs for Halloween, to wait so long does not make sense, just a few weeks to dry pumpkin pretty good. Check that the pumpkin is ready for further processing is simple – a well dried gourd is almost completely absent characteristic pumpkin smell.

Once dried pumpkin can again ground on the inner surface.

Draw a pumpkin pattern.
Drawing on the pumpkin can be transferred in various ways:

– Print out the design you like, stick with paper tape on the surface of the pumpkin, a sharp awl chop contours

– Use carbon paper

– A marker to draw a picture of the hand.

Choose the method that you prefer.

Cut the pumpkin.




There are special tools for carving the pumpkin, make better use of them. Also, you may need a small drill for drilling holes

and  to remove the peel from large surfaces.

If none of the above is not at hand, you can do knife.

Cut the pumpkin carefully, sawing motion. Begin to cut from the center to the edges. To delete the selected fragment, gently push it. Large fragments of the best cut and removed in pieces.

If you want to separate parts of the pumpkin transmits light from them must be carefully cut off the crust and part of the flesh. This can be done only after you have completely cut out the whole picture.

Processing pumpkins.

To your product longer preserved, it can be treated and waterproof varnish impregnated. After that, if desired, may be coated with pumpkin painting and decorating Glitter





























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