Is it your wedding or if you are attending one or are you a bridesmaid? We know how hectic it is to have a wedding or to go to one. From catering to the Mehandi artist we know all you want is a perfect wedding but to think and do is all the way two different paths. Don’t you worry girls we have it here a problem solved for you?

From managing your duties to managing your long and lustrous hair we have got you covered. If you have extremely long hair and don’t want to chop it off but even at the same point don’t know how to get them styled up. Don’t worry we have got your hair we mean your back.

All you want to do is set apart from the crowd and have all the heads turn. Right? We know how unmanageable long hair can be but with these quirky styles you can rock any show and even can go along with them by being at its stylish best.

Can’t decide if you love braid or curls or just want to keep your hair down? Well, this hairstyle will have you covered. It’s intricately done: having a braid from the crown section and moving downwards in the middle with having flower ties in between while the rest hair is all down with curls. For accessories, you can have earrings with chains that can go up till your crown section.

This style comes up with a classic touch. With the roses placed at proper places, this surely will grab everyone’s attention. If your dress has a bareback this will give you a cover-up. With all the intricacies in it of braids, flowers, waviness this style surely will capture your heart. Just two hair strands from each side should be left loose in curls. You can just put little earrings to go on with it.

Such a chick style. This is the most beautiful minimalistic style and will definitely be on your list to try it once. It has a loose braid on the crown side and the rest hair is let loose with beachy waves. You can even have more glamour touch by getting streaks on a few strands. Rest from the crown area where the loose braid ends you should put on hair accessories (hairpin flowers).

Such a traditional style it is. Get your hair tied in a braid and put all the hair jewelry on it on proper places. On the top of it put gajras (this definitely will steal the show) you can put maathapatti along and long dangling earrings with bangles to have you all set.

If your blouse has a deep neck and it has strings attached with it you must go with this style. The crown section is lifted up with curls in a crown shape after that the middle section is left plain with just beads on it then on the end put on the reverse flower crown the starts your hair from the shoulder there starts your messy curls in a zigzag way. Put the hair beads at some places and get small hair flower clips and place them all over. You are set.

This style goes well for the girls who like to keep their hair minimal. If you have a nice smooth hair texture with streaks this is a must style for you. It has a french braid till the crown section ends and then in the middle has a flower crown and the rest hair is let loose. You can add jewelry even to set apart from the crowd.

This is really a subtle hairstyle. Starting with the crown area your hair is blended with beautiful braids in loose locks till the middle section and placed small hair ornaments in the area. The rest of the hair is let loosened in the curls. This hairstyle will go on with a bareback blouse. You can even put on the dupatta to get a royal ethnic touch.

This hairstyle surely looks like straight from the princess diaries which one is grown up watching. This hairstyle quite matches with the character of Jasmine in Aladin. Your crown area from one side is braided and from the other side is curled till the middle section where from then starts hair beautifully styled into six rose shaped flowers and the rest hair is let loose with the curls at the end and the hairpins put on the flowers made. With two hair strands in front let down.

This is an easy style and a must to try. It has everything from the hearts tied in a braid with strong curls at the end and a straight hair in the middle. From reverse crown area, the braid is made and the rest hair follows straight and dives into the curls at the end.

We all know how much a girl stresses over every issue be it to dress up or have a nice and a different look or a hairstyle. Be a princess and rule every event by getting these quirky hairstyles done. Get ready to be noticed and make all the heads turn. Glam up yourselves and put in the gear your fashion quotient. For more such stuff keep reading FashionShala. Your own fashion guide.


courtesy: fashionshala