Puffs of ribbons

Puffs of ribbons

Puffs of ribbons

Today, I decided to share with you a little class. When sewing dresses for her daughter, the bodice embellished puff.



Puffs did the first time, but I really enjoyed it. I think that still apply the puffs in other products.
Make them pretty quickly.

So, let’s begin.


Take necessary width satin ribbon. Put markup proportioning. March 2 Cut in half and divide this value is plotted on the tape to the right. Stretches 2O = O1 = O3.


At point 1 set zakrepochku connecting points 2 and 3 and return to point 1. contractible fixed.


Then do a tie-in point 4, connecting the points 5 and 6, pulled together and back to point 4. tightens and anchoring.


We continue on the scheme. On the wrong side of a turn pattern.

8 (1) 8

Courtesy: www.liveinternet.ru

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