Quilled necklace

Quilled necklace

Quilled necklace

Courtesy: Sanjukta Samanta‎


material needed

old cards, scissors, glue and some innovation


for main portion of necklace, 10mm strips are cut and for other parts and earrings 3 mm strips are cut

for variations 3mm strips from anti colour cards and strips from golden print part of the cards cut


10 mm strips are quilled with approx 7mm overlapping to form a cone, I used 30 inches long strips to form this, then it is bend to give a shape according to neck and glued inside


front part of the necklace is made with 3 mm strips and attached to the cone, so as the earrings


This time I made a simple centrepiece with 3 mm antic colour strips, then all parts are assembled together with a flexible wire passing through all parts

lastly, some beads are passed through the wires and threads are wrapped around the remaining part of the wire to complete it


Courtesy: Sanjukta Samanta‎

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