Quilled painting

Quilled painting

Quilled painting

That created another work based on Quilled painting. Very much I like this painting. And I tried to pass it Quilling charm.


First, we created the flowers. Shapes and colors tried to copy with a painted work. Large flower turned 6 cm smaller – 4.5 cm in width, small – 1.7 cm. For large leaves glued two strips of different or the same color.


Glue the leaves and I started to spontaneously create a song. At the edges, departing 3 cm, I outlined a pencil line – border of the painting. The size of the work – A4.


The painting is characterized by the fact that the flowers and leaves should integrate harmoniously into the composition.


Placing flowers and leaves, I’m trying to fill all the space. But I see that not enough small items and I want to introduce another color. So I decided to add a small white berries.


On top of the work, I filled the empty spaces with small leaves near the stem. It was a mistake to take the stems of dark green color. Live and learn


Let’s create a little flower. Cut a circle with a diameter of 3 cm. With half pink strips are braided beads and glue around the edge of the circle 6 pieces. At lilac strip 1.5 cm wide strip of white adhesive width of 1 mm. When the glue is dry cut into the fringe. Cut the strip into pieces of 5-6 cm and twist the white stripe in the middle. Clay in the middle of the circle so that the little pink cover tabs. Front ball fringe cut off.


We turn large droplets. Merge two strips – light pink and tёmno-. In the middle of a light pink. Glue on two drops on the edge of the circle so as to hide the edge. Two more drops sticking angle, applying the previous ones. I glued glue “Titan”.

8 (1)

Adding two more in the middle of a drop, the adhesive at an angle.


In the middle of one drop of glue strips.


Overturn the flower and the bottom edge of the circle of glue droplets (one strip).


The flower is ready.


For a large flower MK I did not take pictures, but will briefly describe. Create a little flower without rear drops (10 fig.). Cut a circle of diameter 4.5 cm. 8 drops of glue around the one strip and 8 drops from two strips. Top glue a small flower. Overturn and hem adhesive 7 large drops (with two lanes). The flower is ready.


Courtesy: stranamasterov.ru


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