Quilling anthurium

Quilling anthurium

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Quilling anthurium

All the good time! A small workshop to create a flower anthurium. 

To work needed materials and tools
– paper strips for Quilling
– glue (PVA)
– paper (landscape, office)
– semolina
– Quilling tool
– scissors
– line officer

Using the template line forming loose rolls. I do not specify the diameter, as the size of the flower can be anyone you want.


All I have prepared 13 rolls. 12 ROLL give shape to “crescent”. One roll in the form of “eye”.


Then glue rolls with each other for the very tips. Get two deployed “wing”. These “wings” as the tip is glued to the central roll-eye.


And all the resulting structure is winding paper strip.


In this photo clearly shows how there are “half-moon” as free and not glued together edge “crescents”. Corner flower then attach the form of a beautiful little priplyusnuv his fingers.


For flower will need a small amount of paper. I * of about 15 cm 3….. size depends on the size of the flower, so all of it can be different.


Cut the paper as shown in the photo. We will need the central triangle.


Spun from the larger to the smaller part. Here we get such detail. To avoid unfolded, must be well fluff piece glue.


I cut a small piece


Liberally coat with glue and ..


Put the item into semolina.


It remains in place flower and secure with glue.


This very flowered in the finished work.


And light green leaves are made in the same way ….


And these large leaves …..


For large red roses I use a large Number of half-moon pieces. It all depends on how tightly you can wrap the whole construction paper strip. You can first create a flower from 12 “crescent”, wrap a strip and then stick a few more “crescent” (I have 4 on each side) and once again wrap the entire structure. On the reverse side is required to lubricate the glue, and as the glue dries slightly bend the edges of the flower inside, to shape more like a real flower.


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