Quilling orchid

t home I grow orchids. However, for a year, they do not bloom. Now I have bloomed orchid of my favorite bands !!!
I enjoyed the process of work and great satisfaction from the result !!! I want to tell you how you can “grow” at home is such a wonderful flower


For the flowers I used strips of 0.3 cm. Bright petals consist of 2-glued strips of 1 petals darker stripes. To twist the tab strip at the “pill”, then dissolved, the middle of a shift in the direction and fix it with glue. Can the same results (forms) achieved by using needles (pins), but I like it this, “easy” mode,flower is a form of “eye” and “petal”.


I collected orchid flower with hot gun.


Now we have to make the leaves. I used paper for crystal colors. On paper, apply glue – pencil (always in the same direction and along the corrugation !!!). For streaks I used wire.


Here is such a bunch of leaves turned …


Pot I cut paper for watercolor, pastel paint it …


And here is my pot acquired volume. To make the bulk form, it is necessary to put the pot in his hand and a long smooth stick (I used a brush) to iron from side to side.


Stem made of wire, wrapped a cloth first, and then the paper for crystal colors. Flowers glued with hot gun.


Now the fun begins! In pot extrude silicone and glue to the background (I had a little tint pastel).


The view from the top.
After the pot into place, place the stems with flowers and leaves.


In a pot, I added a bit of pine bark (orchid her love).


Everything is ready !!!


The final version. Work in the frame,


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