Rainbow boxes surprise

Rainbow boxes surprise

Rainbow boxes surprise

The birthday of your child is one of the year’s events! If you are already planning your day and looking original features and colorful to make it special test these rainbow surprises ! My new idea for the magazine Growing Happy ! Do not spend a fortune in boxes or bags for surprises in store. With this idea can save money and materials reciclarás! Let the kids help you decorate your rainbow and fill them with your favorite sweets and candies!



  • Cardboard cereal boxes or similar.
  • Sheets magazine.
  • Common tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Cutter.
  • Rule.
  • Pencil.
  • Base cutting.
  • Colorful crepe paper.
  • Liquid silicone.
  • Candies, sweets or candy.
  • Compass (optional).


Let’s start!


On a thin cardboard, for example of cereal box or the like, we mark two semi-circles of 9.5 cm diameter. And in the middle of them we mark a smaller than 2 cm in diameter. We can do this with a compass or by hand. The cut and set aside.


In another piece of cardboard mark and cut a piece (the No. 1 photography) of 11.5 cm long and 3 cm high. And in a magazine mark sheet and we cut a piece (the No. 2 photography) of 15 cm long and 3 cm high.


We have all the pieces to build the rainbow box.

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We take the piece of cardboard (step # 1 above) just cut and do it in one side a small opening to get there sweets and candies. Assist with the cutter ruler and cutting basis. We also need to fold the center piece from taking center 2 cm, extra side 1cm. When armemos the rainbow will be the piece below it.


With the already cut pieces, we take the two sides and magazine paper and joined with adhesive tape.


We put candy and candy inside.


And stick the piece of step # 4 to the base of the rainbow with adhesive tape.


To decorate, we put together a combination of 3 colors of crepe paper. Cut small strips to which we make cuts to form fringes on paper.


With liquid silicone paste started as semi-circular or straight each of the colors.


And combine to cover the entire surface of both sides. Have been beautiful is not it? Whether they are larger or smaller measures should be modified accordingly.


Courtesy: guiademanualidades.com

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