”Rainbow spring” Bracelet

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”Rainbow spring” Bracelet



So, take the wood for the bracelet and paste its plasticity, much exactly you can not try all the same then this horror will not be visible

pasted, baked. make pencil markings. I divided into 16 parts, to be more precise in the future distribute plastic sausages.


work piece can be immediately covered with paint inside and outside edges and set aside. take 8 colors plastic, than color, the better 🙂 of course better to take the 7 colors of the rainbow + some more that will fit into transitions.

store them in such a way (who, like me, still makes the transition of color along the ancient manner without the pasta machine, he will understand


cut each bar into 8 pieces (you guessed every 8 sausages future will be glued to the two divisions blank).


and begin to mix colors


obtained here is such a big transition (each ball trying to make at least 1 cm in diameter)


Further, each bead in turn transform into sausage.


The first portion may consist of several sausages, hereinafter better mold one


I always bake in several stages – so it is more convenient to work without touching or trampling 



every time trim the edges sausages


I suggest starting with a light green color and finish light orange . explain why. if you suddenly have not calculated and you have a place on the wristband,then mix the orange with yellow and green with yellow, making the primary colors lighter, can be very long. more! I even advise specifically glue sausages on the bracelet so,to left is the place. whereas the final transition will be smoother, and not with a clear border green-yellow-orange.


still pay attention to the fact that the blank in girth at the edges are always narrower than in girth in the middle, so try a little sausage to the edges

cover plastic bracelet paint inside tips


that’s all ,varnish and can be spring-loaded down the stairs wearing


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