Rainbow watch

Rainbow watch

It has long wanted to make some crafts of disposable plastic spoons. I saw on the Internet a lot of works by other artists, but she still could not choose the time. And then, finally, my dream came true! I want to share with you the results of their work.


For the basics of hours I took the circle of diameter approx fiberboard. 60 cm., It is possible to use any other material (plywood, thick cardboard and m. N.) For need approx. 150 disposable spoons (number depends on the size of future products). All handles of spoons to gently break off.

For gluing spoons need a good glue (can be liquid nails). I start to stick a spoon to the inner circle. At the center of the circle put a watch around their contour, and then start to stick a spoon. round and round. The result was 6 laps.


Bezel (frame) clock was initially red. All other rows of spoons, I painted in gouache in colors of rainbow stripes: red, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. After drying frame covered with acrylic lacquer.

By means of the screw can be clipped into the frame clock. These are fun watch turned out at me. Color solution can be different, depending on your plan in a frame and can be placed round mirror.


Courtesy: maam.ru