How to re-style your mobile phone

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Mural of mobile phone

Now, perhaps, it is difficult to find a person who does not use a mobile phone. On the streets of large cities and small towns, you can always meet a person with a phone. We love them very much, we always approach the purchase of the phone seriously and carefully choose, since the choice is huge. But no matter how hard we try, there will always be someone who has the same phone as yours. Do not say that it is very insulting, but still … I want your phone to be unique, that only suits you and was not just a useful tool, but also one of your ornaments.

mobile phone

If you want to give your phone an element of uniqueness, you can paint it. I propose a fairly simple method that does not require special skills and expensive tools like an airbrush. Immediately make a reservation, we will not paint the phone itself, but a cover for it. The painting of the cover has a number of advantages:

– the paint is protected from harmful effects and erasing;
– there is no need to select a complex composition of dyes so that they reliably kept on the body of the phone;
– If you are tired of this painting, you can easily replace it by buying and painting a new cover.
There is only one important feature of the mural painting of the phone. Because we paint a transparent cover from the inside, then the painting is done in the reverse order, rather than painting on the front side of the opaque material.

mobile phone


  • – glass marker
  • – acrylic paints (black and silver)
  • – paint on glass (orange and violet)
  • – glass contour (gold)
  • – round brush, columns or synthetics, №4

1 step

From the inside of the cover, we put a drawing on the marker. Because A cover transparent, under it it is possible to put a ready drawing and simply it to circle. When drawing a picture, be aware that the area of the screen or the camera lens should not be painted over.

Step 2

Take the black acrylic paint and paint the entire background evenly so that the marker line is completely painted. Most likely in one pass to achieve a smooth colouring will not succeed. Do not worry. Just wait until the paint has dried, and cover the whole background of it once.

Step 3


With a golden outline on the glass, draw the edge of the background along the entire drawing so that half the thickness of the contour line falls in the background and half on the transparent part. In this way, we will obtain on the obverse side a finer and more accurate contour line. For an additional decorative effect, I applied the contour not with a solid line, but with separate points. Tip: In the process of the whole work, check your actions, turning the cover and looking at it from the front side.

Step 4

After the drying out of the contour, we pass the paintings with transparent stained-glass paints. I took two colours – orange and purple. First the main orange colour I painted over a separate element of the picture and, until the paint dried, some small areas shaded with a violet paint. Because the background is opaque black, we can not be afraid that the paint has become stuck behind the edges of the gold contour.

Step 5

My phone has a wide black border around the screen. On a black background, the painting will not be visible. Therefore, I covered the transparent parts of the painting that fall on this black frame, silver paint, repeating the color of the phone. Thus, from the front side, a completely “transparent” ornament was obtained.


After drying all the colours, you can put the case on your mobile phone and enjoy your creation. I hope you like not only the process of painting but the result.

The master class was prepared by artist-designer Natalia Novikova.