How to Recycle Shirts Into Pillow Covers

An idea to own to get started with recycling: Recycle -It-Yourself! This time I will show you how to Recycle Shirts Into Pillow Covers. And actually this is still the easiest and fastest way to make a pillow, because the buttons are already there!I found this great plaid shirt at the thrift store. Perfect for my Christmas pillows! This is an easy project that doesn’t take much time at all. And no sewing buttons or zippers because it already has buttons!


What you need:
• An old shirt (first ironing even)
• Tape measure, pencil and scissors
• straight pin
• Sewing & Yarn
• If necessary. ribbons, applications, fabric paint


Step 1
Lay the shirt flat and put the top and bottom exactly alike, with the buttons closed. Measure off a square of 42 x 42 cm (for a cushion of 40 by 40 cm, other sizes can also of course!).
Cut out the rectangle.


Step 2 (optional)
If you want to decorate the pillow, do it now! Decorate the front of the cushion with ribbons for example, an application or make a print with fabric paint or stamps.


Step 3
Put the two squares right sides together and pin fixed. Check if there is no stud sits right next to the outside, get out there else!
Sew all the way around with 1cm seam and finish the edges with a zigzag or lock-stitch.


Step 4
Do the buttons open and turn the pillow cover right side out.


And? Was it easy or not;-)

In the same way I made two more:



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