Red, White and Blue Rice Krispie Treat Pinwheels

Treat Pinwheels
Red, White and Blue Rice Krispie Treat Pinwheels. Layers of colorful marshmallow cereal treats are rolled up and cut to reveal patriotic swirls of color.
Treat Pinwheels Treat Pinwheels Treat Pinwheels
ou will use your basic rice krispie treat recipe, but add a bit of colored Candy Melts and food coloring to the mix. The Candy Melts will add some structure to your cereal treats and will impart a nice sweet vanilla flavor as well.
Treat Pinwheels
Before you begin making your rice krispie treats, you’ll need to prepare a pan. You can use a traditional 9X13 inch baking pan, or use a ¼ sheet pan, which is close in size to a 9X13 pan. Line the pan with parchment paper, then brush the parchment paper liberally with softened butter.
Once your pan is ready, you’ll want to make the red rice krispie treat layer. You can use the stove top method or the microwave method to melt the butter, marshmallows, and candy melts.
I wanted my colors to be really vibrant, so I added a few drops of red food coloring. You can use candy coloring, icing coloring, or even the grocery store variety of liquid food coloring. I used Wilton’s Color Right Red coloring, so my treats are really bright red.
Once you get the marshmallow mixture the color you want, stir in the cereal.
Pour the cereal mixture out onto your pan and press it into a thin even layer. Make sure you fill the bottom of the pan completely.
Treat Pinwheels
Then make your white rice krispie treat mixture and spread it on top of the red layer, adding white icing coloring.
Press it down so that it completely covers the red layer.
Treat Pinwheels
Finally add a layer of the blue cereal treat. Press down to compact the layers.
Flip the treat out onto a silicone mat or another butter coated piece of parchment paper.
Roll over the treat with a rolling pin, flattening it and spreading it out about an inch both ways.
Begin rolling at the short end, pinching together any spots of cereal that pull apart, until the entire treat it rolled up.
Cut into 12 slices and they are ready to serve. Quick and easy!
Treat Pinwheels
You may turn your Red, White and Blue Rice Krispie Treat Pinwheels into lollipops, if you’d like. Dip just the tip of a long lollipop stick into some melted white Candy Melts and insert it into the pinwheel.
You can also slide a paper straw over top of the lollipop stick to make them more festive. Just be sure you have some candy melts on the lollipop stick so that the straw sticks in place.
Let the candy harden before picking up the lollipops.
Treat Pinwheels
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courtesy: hungryhappenings
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