Renew your pots

Renew your pots Easy Craft Ideas

Renew your pots

The effect of drip painting is a decorative technique that can be performed with many objects of home decoration: it is simple and gives a modern look. This easy technique can apply, for example, to decorate pots.



Materials: Pot Painting (optional: two different colors ) Brush wall sealant spray 


step: Wash your pot to completely remove traces of soil and let it dry in the sun.

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Paint the pot with the color you will use as a basis. This step is optional: You can also apply the technique drip directly onto the natural color of the terracotta pot.


When the base color is dry, place the pot upside down and placed on the base a small lagoon color paint you want to use for drip technique.


Take the container with your hands and tilt to one side and then the other comienzce for the paint to drip down the sides. If necessary, go adding paint on the base until you’re done.

If you do not want the dripped paint reaches the upper edge of the pot, he goes to work slowly, leaving leak and returning to turn the pot (holding) to that part is dry before continuing. This prevents to continue dripping down.


When the paint has dried apply the sealant spray to set the color applied.

Ready! Your pots are already renovated this drip painting technique and modern and fun look.




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