Reverse decoupage on a plate

Reverse decoupage on a plate

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Reverse decoupage on a plate


I need the following: transparent plate, a napkin with a pattern, acrylic paint (white, blue and pearl – blue, lemon, emerald and pink), a sponge, a medium, an alcohol-based varnish, loop pearl. We take a transparent glass plate. Thoroughly wash it and wipe with alcohol. Under the plate, for convenience, I put the napkin with the selected picture to see the edge of the background.

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On medium dish, pour on a plate (used as a palette) pearl paint.

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Dip a sponge in a medium, then yellow and pink paint and put on a plate. I would like to achieve pearlescent flakes. Over dealt pearl blue. Little smearing paint to avoid sharp color transitions.


We cover so the whole dish.


And immediately, without waiting for drying, nanoshu blue dye (I have cobalt blue).


Gently dry the paint, incised with a sharp object ovalchiki (removing the paint in between) simulating scales or pebbles (as anyone seen). I got this:


After drying I fix an alcohol-based varnish. It dries very quickly.


Figure glued torn from napkins. Thoroughly dry.


I cover spirit varnish and prepare the paint for the background. Since background on yellow napkin, add in white paint – yellow.

Nanoshu evenly paint the entire plate


That’s what I did. It can be seen that does not tell the color of the background perforations on a napkin, small air bubbles.


I picked up a tube with a loop and start “magic,” hiding all the flaws.


I paint over the “pearls” light background and obvozhu “flakes.”


Done !!!



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