Ribbon embroidery bouquet of daisies


Of all the colors of the earth, I more than anyone else
I love daisies on high legs.
They seem to me tenderly any other
And even a little bit more refined them.
I love them for their simple beauty,
Because they are part of his native land,
For that, seeing them, where neither was used
I have my house to remember the village.
(Hope Ignatieff)

 Embroidery by print on dvunitka.

2. First – stalks and midway floss thread

 Then take 25 meters of satin ribbon 6 mm wide

 And here they are, favorite flowers)

 When sunlight – very bright picture, a ribbon shimmer

 Next – cornflowers silk ribbon

 bulking bowl

 Add the leaves of green silk ribbon

 Embroidery ready!

Donated without issuing prints girlfriend birthday

courtesy: liveinternet

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