How to make ribbon flower

This MC is my experiment that I conducted in real time and the entire process is registered on a film, without duplicates and repeats.
On the eve of the wonderful celebration March 8, I was in a long line at the grocery magazine.Ot nothing to do looked around and saw a bunch of daffodils, tulips unusual, not knowing what they are called correctly, I immediately gave them the name “terry” .They were similar to regular (oval, which I do) but the petals were the top dressing, “fluffy” .tak they sank into my soul, do not give rest, even at night, and then had the idea of creating such colors as an experiment.
and, of course, the main purpose of the experiment was the creation of terry tulips.
All process and the results invite to see.
From tape, width 2.5 cm, cut into pieces of 4 cm and the top rounded like so.
36 segments produced a pale peach color for 3 flowers and 24 segment dark for 2 flowers.
The edges oplavila on candles so that they slightly rounded off (if it turns out a lot, just stretch back to the desired result), the top simply processed (oplavila).
And here began the experiment itself, it was necessary to come up with “doubleness” so that everything looked naturalno.Ya trays tab (marked with a dot) to close the middle of the flame for a moment (this formed concave), then quickly fixed the thumb and hand ukaz.paltsami almost nails, and a distance of 2 mm was beginning to stretch, his right hand, left to itself.
The second point is the middle.
The different sequences I stretched lobe work proved shallow and hard, and I am doing this for the first time)))
That’s the alternately show me the most convenient.
Important: Due to the short distance between the stretching point at melting of a new point, the previous point straightened, had to start again, but after the 50th it went petal polegche.Nuzhno prilovchilis!
Assembling of the flower.
The adhesive is applied not only on the bottom lobe, but also higher so that the pitch was more pressed against the base, because. because of the terry flower petals getting too pushistym.Mne also wanted to have dense buds.
1st row, 3 petals,
2nd row 3-lobe,
3rd row, 4 petals,
2 the last petal done only when it is necessary, if the bud looks good from 10 petals while and leave.
Dressed in leaves (leaves of the tape, width 2.5 cm, leaf length of about 5 cm).
It turned 5 flowers, folded one exemplary composition.
More details Flower assembly, the leaves can be seen in the next entry.
The basis of my felt.
Prepared decorations for the composition of beads and busin.Dlya foundations took some waxed thread (fishing line was not).
Fixed beads, drooping tip of the thread in the very opening glue gun 1 cm, and then gently and quickly (!) Tightened up bead-formed translucent droplet-like bead.
To lock the beads, put a drop of glue beads and quickly tightened up.
If you do not hurry up, the adhesive cools down and pull up the beads will not be possible.
On the basis of taped the first 5 leaves and one decoration, attach it to the point of glue.
He glues the first bud.
Leaves and 2 more decorations.
Glued together 2 bud, and then glued to the base.
More leaves.
That much I put glue on the sheet, the sheet side I keep the thumb
On the front side I keep the index finger to the short edge of the sheet is not disturbed and so convenient to record (press) sheet adhered to the substrate.
The last 2 bud and the last leaves.
Decoration is only one in this series, I did not have t.k.u beads.
Sewed bow, then cut the tape medium (I did not like) and glue Master pasted bow, center and polubusiny.
It is clearly seen as glued beads.
The result here is a bunch of tulips.
I estimate)))
I call terry and proudly carry the show to his family, to boast, so to speak)))
My family has carefully examined all sides of my creation, his verdict: “Pure Rose Definitely!”
What It leads me, first in confusion, because it turns out that my experiment failed!
But having thought a bit, I decided to continue the experiment, put a new goal: to adapt my double flowers rozam.Chto to publish it came out of it a bit later.
  Thank you, all
courtesy: stranamasterov
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