How to make a ribbon hairpins

Ribbon hairpins Ribbon hairpins

Ribbon hairpins

To make these flowers can use tapes of cotton, acrylic or polyester. They can also be thinner or slightly wider. That is to taste and imagination depending on the design they want to achieve. For which you will see today, I worked with a polyester tape in bright colors and fine. I wanted to make a small brooches and so I opted for those tapes. To decorate the center can choose between gems, beads, sequins and all those little accessories they like. As I said before, you have to use your imagination. Personally, I really like gems and thought it would be perfect for this project. Well, do you think if we start?

We need:

  • Colorful ribbons.
  • Scissors.
  • Thread and needle.
  • Liquid silicone.
  • Glue gems and sequins.
  • Base for brooch.
  • Small gems, sequins, beads, etc.
  • Lighter.

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To assemble the flowers two, three or more colors can be used. For these models, I combined three colors. You have to cut the three tapes , each color in a size larger than a small. This particular model wears ribbons in 6 cm, 5 cm and 4 cm. And it will take a total of 7 petals for such measures. Therefore you have to cut 7 pieces of each color and size. When we cut and then carefully sealed edges to prevent fraying with the lighter. One by one and both sides. If you have another way to do no problem! 🙂 Then we took a tape of each color, we place from low to high and spent the needle thread through the end they are all together. Coming up next. the other ends and we have already formed the flower petal.

We repeat the same with the rest of the tapes and see how it is formed flower tape. When the last petal, knotted thread against the last petal. We take the liquid silicone and place a small drop of glue to stick there with petal flower petal and is firmly armed.

We now the basis for brooch and a piece of tape color you like best for the base. Liquid silicone stick with the tape to the base of the pin and we will be ready for the last step.

Let us now put the finishing touches to the flower. The detail of decoration. This is where you can use the gems, sequins, beads at ease! They will see that I added a red gem with glue sequins and beads. If you do not have this glue, they can use liquid silicone. When we have stuck decor center, we add flower tape to the base to snap. Again usarmos liquid silicon for this step.

We let all the glue dry thoroughly and it is ready! Look how beautiful it has become!