Ribbon Pillow Tutorial

Ribbon Pillow Tutorial

Ribbon Pillow Tutorial


you need:

  • fusible interfacing (a light piece of fabric that is sewn or fused onto fabric pieces that need an added stiffness.)
  • Ribbon
  • pins
  • blank pillow
  • the fabric of your choice


Arrange the ribbons in a criss-cross. Spread it like a sheet. Place the fusible interfacing on the wrong side and fix it with pins. 


Iron the ribbon on the right side at the maximum temperature for fixing the fusible interfacing. Do the same on the wrong side, on the top of fusible interfacing. This is done to fix the same on the ribbon and to give it a fabric look. 

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Sew the open ends of the ribbon fabric together as a pillow cover. Here is an exclusive pillow cover which everyone will like to have. Try it.


Courtesy: craftster.org