Romantic valentine’s day cards with hearts

Romantic valentine's day cards with hearts

Romantic valentine’s day cards with hearts

A romantic idea conceived in the person we love … In some places they call Valentine and others Valentine’s Day, the truth is that on February 14 is close and start today to present some ideas for this special date. I propose to start with a very romantic card to add to your gift. Or let romantic messages for surprises on the table, briefcase or any other corner of the home. You urge to do it? Probably yes! Accompany this idea!



  • Coloured paper and varied designs.
  • Pink white paper of 160 grams or more.
  • Cutter or utility knife.
  • Base cutting.
  • Ruler and pencil.
  • Heart shaped cutter.
  • Glue stick.
  • Liquid silicone.
  • Lace paper or like red and pink.
  • Thin ribbon of pink satin.
  • Scissors.

For this idea is good to seek all these scraps of paper we have kept other crafts. Can assemble a composition in the range of pink and red or multicoloured. Hands!


I used as a base of pink paper A 4 160 g cards. I folded it in half and with the cutter or utility knife cut it in two. In turn, I took a white A 4 sheet of 160 grams and have halved removing a few extra millimetres so they are smaller than the rose base.


With heart shaped cutter I cut a variety of colours of paper.


On one piece of white paper, I glued in the centre a piece of red string to begin the composition paper.


Add the first hearts, and further an extra piece of paper to go cord shaping a set of balloons. Note that you have to bend a little before gluing hearts to give more prominence to the presentation.


Gradually I completed the composition, adding more hearts and two additional pieces of paper lace. All this I have stuck with the glue stick, is fast and easy to use for this idea.


Wait to dry thoroughly, then make ready a small loop with the thin tape. With liquid silicone add it to the presentation. When everything has dried correctamento, colocad glue stick on pink base for the card and pegad the composition.


Beautiful, romantic and colourful! You can make a variety of ideas and add tender messages!


Long live love! Happy Valentine’s Day

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