Roof from old CD

Roof from old CD

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Roof from old CD

What to do with the old CD / DVD drives and more antique vinyl records? Also useless storage, discharge to a landfill or small craft from the disk , a considerable number of obsolete media carriers may be used in a truly large-scale project – covering roof


This coating method is suitable for any roof of wood or other material which can be nailed or wheels with a wooden panel already attached disks. Of course, for premises better use of professional roofing materials, but for such buildings as sheds, gazebos, outbuildings or sheds over the entrance is perfect so cheap, water-repellent clothes, which, moreover, is made of unnecessary garbage and trash. Instead, it can be used vinyl records, of course, if you find such a large number.


Yet wheels are now available, so the following discussion focuses on the method of coating the roof by them. In order to securely stow wheels per 1 square meter of surface, by using this method, it will take 120 drives. Moreover, the existing holes in them will overlap adjacent, so moisture will not seep and flow down freely. Like this:


Each drive must be carefully drill a small hole for the nail or screw, here:


To expedite the process, you can not try to drill one, but several, with reliably securing the entire stack, the holes were all in one place. Then you should consider a future appearance and pattern of your roof. You can be laid in the front wheels or the wrong (pearl) side up. Some of the advantages of placing a shiny pearl-side up: the reflection of ultraviolet rays, which will contribute to longer operating cover and chill a little space under the roof. On the other hand, this tile can be very annoying neighbors, blowing in the windows sunbeams. You can use not only plain but colorful wheels, at the same time laying out a specific pattern, drawing or inscription.


Discs can be nailed or screwed appropriate size screws using a screwdriver. To a number of disks located on the same line, it will be convenient to draw a pencil or charcoal straight lines.


Start with the lower part of the roof and then stacked wheels according to the scheme shown above. Make sure the disk holes overlap each other sisters.


That’s the way about an hour you can cover one square meter of tile panels from unnecessary drives. Author of the idea tested roof in rain and hot sun of summer, the fall of the original roofing was in great shape.


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