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Rose of paper rope

Rose of paper rope


Tools and materials

– A thin rope scarlet (22) and grass-green (35)
– scissors
– awl
– toothpicks
– glue
– brush


You will need

– For roses; 6 red ropes deployed 50 cm
– for stems: 6 green ropes at 15 cm; deploy them at one end, stick to stalk red stripes at 90 °
– Leaf: 6 green ropes 10 cm intervals and used by 12 cm expand them in the middle, leaving the closed end about 1 cm
– for the main rope garland 1 m

Take the red stripes with a green stem, bend angle end of the strip to cover the end of the green Start rope wrapped with red stripes around the stem, making the first turns of the firm.
Hold your fingers stem and the first turns of the strip and continue effortlessly reel strip.


Making about half of turns required to create a flower, twist the strip to form a soft folds to Rose did not have a cylindrical shape. Repeat the same procedure for about 5 cm before the end of the strip.

Apply a small amount of glue to the last centimeter of the red stripes and a toothpick glue it, tucking the edges over the previous turns.
For the leaves expand the middle ropes length of 12 cm and 10 cm, leaving the closed end of 1 cm. Fold in half the long sheet and place on top of a short list . Awl to cut a hole in the middle of the sheet and insert the stem of the rose. Fabricate six roses.


Of green rope length 1m Light garland. Leaving the free end of a length of 15 cm. Wind it three fingers. Make three turns meter 4.5-5 cm. Wind the remaining end toward you, making the turns are rare, and then tie both ends of the rope knot. Slide thread garlands to put there stem roses.


Pull through the hole to lock rose to expand its fixing stem for a garland directly approximately 4-5 cm, thus making even a single sheet. The remaining part of the stem bend or cut.

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