Rotating drawers

Rotating drawers

Rotating drawers

Here’s a mini chest of drawers. It is not quite normal. His boxes cylindrical shape and they rotate around the axis. In this box now I keep my rhinestones.


To create such a chest of drawers I used:
1) 4 babinki cardboard from plaster (you can use babinku from the roll with cling film, but it will need to be cut);
2) File;
3) Let the rod from the pen;
4) a thread with a needle;
5) Clay “moment of crystal”
6) PVA glue
7) A small piece of ordinary paper napkin;
8) Cardboard;
9) Double-sided adhesive tapes and materials for exterior decoration.

For fastening boxes to the axis about which they rotate, it is necessary to saw small grooves on the outer surface of the cardboard babinok patch. They are very compact, so very easy to saw.


I then glued to the bottom of the cardboard boxes and covered it all with several layers of white acrylic paint. The hinges on my chest of drawers made ​​from an empty shaft on a normal pen. It is cut into pieces with a knife stationery exactly equal height boxes. Only one loop must be smaller – to put the lid on top.


The axis of rotation of the manufacture of metal staples. It needs to be straightened and cut in such a way that it is shorter than the length of all loops stacked together. This is required in order to make the stub in the uppermost and lowermost hinge to a steel rod does not fall out.

To boxes can not be removed with a metal axis they need to sew together. For this thread is passed through the loop, which is glued to the upper and lower boxes outside.


I made the cover of cloth impregnated with PVA. It needs to break into very small pieces and season inside even after the loops are sewn with a thread and an axis of the clip will be inserted.

All you have to do after that – a cover for the top drawer and the outside decor.
Komodik ready. His drawers rotate freely and not separate from each other.



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