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How to round the edges of the plastic bottle

How to round the edges of the plastic bottle


Circumcision edge of the plastic bottle is not always convenient and, moreover, is not always nice and smooth

1. I took a plastic bottle of mineral water (1 L).
2. Cut part of the bottle.


3. Place the top sheet of paper and held a hot iron (paper needed to plastic is not stuck to the sole plate).


4. The sharp edges of the bottle from the heat rounded. Caution – iron hold briefly and always check that there is a piece of paper.


On a bottle of mineral water works fine. A small bottle of yogurt (0.33 L) resisted. One can see the plastic tightly. In general, a number of small bottles is not passed angry.

Made pencil holders for 10 minutes inside a cardboard gold colour, pasted on top of all sorts of things


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