Royal cake

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Royal cake

Year of the 2015
At the girlfriend on May 1 had a birthday, I wanted to make a homemade gift, as well as a girl sings and plays the piano, it was decided to make a grand piano.
I looked on the internet in general look like cakes made ​​in the form of a grand piano. Basically it was a cake on a tray without legs, or with legs, but from the mastic. Mastic I do not like, and do not know where to get it from us. One could certainly make a tray in the bottom of the piano form of wood on the legs, and on top to make a cake, but I wanted it to have legs, but could eat everything. Therefore did on his own idea.


The first thing went shopping, look at what can be useful for creating such a cake.
The main task was to make a strong floor that would support the weight of the piano and did not fail in the legs. Used for the bottom layer of the cake waffle and top rye bread (not thin). Bread pretty hard on them have the primary task to keep weight.


Used for cake chocolate “Special” melted in a water bath, it took 8 tiles.


Waffle cake chocolate missed.


Pasted on top of bread amplifiers.


Until the floor froze in the refrigerator, cut out the waffle cake Circuits to create the walls of the piano.


Wall glued to the same chocolate.


After the wall to grab smeared richly all things chocolate, on the idea of ​​a frozen chocolate should protect the basis of waffles and breads from the cream is absorbed and prevent a collapse of the structure on the legs.


Alignment of the walls with a knife not work out, they were terrible.


Leveled with a soft folder. It’s not as strong as folder folder, but not as soft as a package.


Strip cut from a folder smear a layer of chocolate, is applied to the curve of the wall of the grand piano, smooth.


After the strip is removed from the folder simply and remains perfectly flat wall, the excess chocolate on the top edge and at the joints trimmed with a knife.


For keys used white candy.


Fitting keys.


Inside the cake you can put anything you want, I settled on chocolate shortcakes missed 20% of sour cream with sugar. Missed the cake and gave soak in the refrigerator.


Impregnated shortcake is surprisingly easy to fit into the chocolate blank piano. Top with 4 packs of M & M’s.


Next 2 most critical moment, the installation on the piano legs and securing the cover.
———————————— ———————————
The weather here is very hot so just a couple of minutes without refrigerators and chocolate remain fingerprints. Legs are made ​​of tubes with condensed milk and chocolate smeared quickly threw on the piano legs and again sent the cake on the one hand glued to the chocolate and the other was used as a support straws, just happened one small mistake, the whole piano chocolate I missed, but no sticks and when the morning was time to give bear cake cover fell as straw softened. I had to put new straw, but the time to glue the lid on the new was not there. ———————————– ———————————- black stripes on the keys also carved out of chocolate. ——- ————————————————– ———— Not all of course it turned out as it should, but on the whole I am satisfied with the work done, and the main thing I wanted to eat all you can)


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