Rug knots

Rug knots

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Rug knots

It was once very popular Baubles, which is a symbol of friendship and communicate with each other. Such ornaments from thread floss lace, ribbons and ropes are called – friendship bracelets. The principle of weaving can be used for other products such as bright carpet in the room of the fabric!


Weaving baubles – peculiar kind of macrame. There are many different patterns and styles of weaving, which is based on the normal bundle. Therefore, to create a rug with his own hands, and we use the most – the easiest way – the base bundle.


To work need a strip of cloth of several colors, adhesive tape, scissors, needle and thread. From the width of the strips of fabric, its length will depend on the density and size of the final product.


Spread the fabric strip in a line in the order in which you want to see in the finished carpet. In this example, the use of 10 bands (5 colors on one side and a mirror image of the other). Secure the top of the tape. First make a simple left ribbon single node on the next tape and tighten it up.


Continue the process of tying the knot in the next tape until you get to the middle of the mat (up to the fifth tape of ten). Leave until the first (in this case, pink) tape to hang freely. Now start to tie knots on the right side, in the same way before reaching the midway. When two extremes meet in the middle of the tape – tie them together and drain ends. Now the first of the five tape (pink) will be the last. Go to the next row and repeat all the steps.


Work up until you reach the desired length. To get a V-shaped pad, with each successive bundle do a little lower than the previous (middle, – lower point V). Do not confuse the ranks and color. Begin and end with ribbons of the same color.

Make two similar pad and sew them together. The tips also cut and neatly hem.


It should look like this:



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