Sew a bag of rags with flowers

Sew a bag of rags with flowers


Straight want to be a side backpack, they began, and easy way to reference the book in Taiwan, Jia Man integration in the process of doing their own experiences, and every step made into a picture and then attach text, hoping to favorite sisters of this package to provide some help. First look at the finished picture:



Production Method: First, the size and material: first dyeing 110 * 35cm (including pockets, fabric loop), off-white-dyed 25 * 20cm, flowers cloth moderation, variety of colors. Two kinds of cloth with a cloth 30 * 20cm. Package Gehry cloth and cloth bags altogether within half a meter, single-sided adhesive 180 grams cotton shop 1/4 meters, single-sided adhesive 280 g shop cotton, cloth, all cotton lining each 65 * 40cm. 28 # bag buckle 7, 1.4cm diameter Plum Cikou a group, strap an outer width 2.6cm D-ring 2. Second, do first enclaves. Front panel on stiff paper to draw in the following package sizes, after the film, including the end and pocket size, cut paper size, excluding parts seam. As shown below



Third, according to the paper size prior dyeing front plate and the back draw underwrite and place 1cm seam, then cut it down. Meanwhile another cut out 280 grams cotton shop around and including the end of each one piece, without seam. The shop cotton with plastic side hot paste prior dyeing opposite.


According to the paper size cut out of whole cloth lining around the plate and the bottom of the package containing seam, and will stick with glue on one side of the hot shop cotton. Then press lines are


Five, making the rear pocket. Depending on the size chart drawn on the rear pocket of the table cloth and cloth, respectively, plus 1cm seam, 180 grams of cotton shop without seam. The shop side of hot glue cotton belt attached to the back of the table cloth. Cloth table cloth and sew a straight line relative to the front portion of sideways above.



The ability to turn back to the front, so that the table cloth and lining the opposite hand, in the distance table Buli Bu 1cm pressure line connections. Then pocket part of all pressure lines. After pressing finish line the pockets sewn onto cloth bag body after the film. The pocket in the middle into two parts. And pocket the sides and back panels basting together, so that they become a whole, so that when the bottom is easy to access and packages.



the first production of braids. Take two of each color-dyed long 60cm wide and 3.6cm cut two strips of cloth, the cloth on one side were all the same size hot cloth lining (hot on the cloth lining cloth will be relatively quite, flat). Then use the system with the device, making cloth, with iron ironing spare.



According to the size of the bread bag cover lid on to draw a table cloth and cloth, put 1cm seam. Table cloth dyed with rice IL, cotton cloth with flowers. Table cloth and cloth were hot on the 180 g single collodion, or table cloth hot shop on 180 grams of cotton, cotton cloth lining hot on the whole, are also possible. Shop cotton cloth lining and is free of seam parts. Draw grid lines at 90 degrees on a table cloth, placed side by side so that the cloth line center, two strips of cloth into a 90-degree cross.





The package cover stitching around the front and rear sheet is relatively positive, then turn to the front, the back flat needle stitched mouth, around 1cm away at the fabric edge pressure line




The front piece after piece of the package body and bag were stitched bottom, side D-rings sewn onto cloth ring making reference to the figure below.


the package cover is stitched on the rear panel of the package body



Sew look after the package cover


Produced inside the bag. Crop to paper inside the bag and the bag bottom front and back panels, including seam, the front and back pieces separately and underwrite stitched inside the bag to stay below the back 12cm wide mouth yo.


The package body set into the bag, so that the front and inside the bag enclaves relatively positive, suture package mouth






After heal the inner bag in bag mouth pressure 1 cm at the edge of the circle line.


Fabrication and installation of flowers. This is the last one small link. Crop size is about 2 * 1.6cm petals around the oval, as shown in combination




The flowers sewn bag cover, then install the Cikou, last placement backpack. Haha, you’re done! If you want to install the zipper bag mouth can be, and I later adding zippers, and just did not take pictures of it, so safe!


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