Sew fast simple block

Sew fast simple block

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Sew fast simple block

“Do not play with a knife, it’s dangerous,” – told us in childhood. And I say today – “Play with a knife, that’s interesting!”. That’s how I play yesterday. Just 10-15 minutes sewed this block. I do not know whether or not, but all the same show.


Fold to face two contrasting fabrics. Well before cutting them even ironed together. Cut from two fabric square. In this case, 8×8 inches.


top right and bottom left 2 inches from the corner.


With the help of the foot with an allowance of a quarter inch pave exactly the right place on the mark-down and the lower edge of the left of the mark-up, and on the upper edge, as in the photo.


I cut on the diagonal from corner to corner (necessarily where the corners with seams)


imposes an upper triangle on the bottom to lay the fabric as well – at the bottom of the green, red top and combine them.


Cut the picture as the width of cut strips 2 inches.


unfold the items received, and here what happened.


From these pieces spread block.


cross-linking it with a quarter-inch margins.



In line crop the resulting on the sides.


The result was the correct and smooth side measuring 9 inches.


I continued on to finish a piece of red cloth. Sewed one block of 6×6 square inch squares and 3 to 4 inches. All this is very fast !!! if you’re interested – try. I found it in a magazine for Quilt author Anita Grossman Solomon, a long time was going to try. From 6-inch squares gets a block size 6 1/4, their squares of 4 inches – the size of a block of 3.5 inches.


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