How to sew sheaf filling stitch

By posted on March 2, 2018 5:08PM
sheaf filling stitch
Now it’s time to add the second segment in Sheaf Filling Stitch, which is a lot of fun to work – let me show you how simple it is!
embroider Padded Satin stitch
First stitch three straight stitches side-by-side:
embroider Padded Satin stitch
Then bring the needle back through the fabric, coming from beneath your straight stitches:
embroider Padded Satin stitch
Bring your needle under the straight stitches from the other side, wrapping your thread around them:
embroider Padded Satin stitch
And then take your needle back down through the fabric on the other side, essentially creating a second wrap around your little stitch bundle:
embroider Padded Satin stitch
And there you have it, a sea of tiny little Sheaf Stitches!
embroider Padded Satin stitch
Sheaf Filling Stitch is fun because you can change the look of it in so many ways – play around with the length of your stitches, how far apart they stand, how many wraps you give them. You can place them randomly as I have, work them in alternating rows checkerboard-style, or end-to-end in long columns!
courtesy: andstitches

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