Sewing children’s skirt with your hands

Soon, my beloved daughter turned one. This long-awaited holiday for my family. And you want to on this important day, my baby look like a real princess!

So I decided to make a magnificent skirt of tulle. And so it has become a fairy – decorate pompons. From the remnants of tulle pompons and make a bow.

Sewn this skirt with your hands is very quick and easy and elegant accessory easily will complete a magical image.

So, we need:

– Tulle semi – two of the same length in different colors, tulle leftovers to bow;

– Colorful pompons of different diameters;

– Elastic thread;

– Wide elastic belt.


tulle size is taken depending on the desired length and fluffy skirts. To calculate the width of fabric desired length skirts must be multiplied by 2 and add a few centimeters for the belt (depending on the width of the gum). Well, the longer will be our fabric, the skirt luxuriant we succeed! I took two tulle cutting width of 70 cm and a length of 1.5 meters.


For flexible assembly is best to use a rubber thread. It needs to be wound as a lower thread bobbin on a sewing machine. I winded manually and especially do not stretch during winding.


Take two pieces of tulle, folding them in half (separately on each other). We step back from the edge of 2 cm and sews them together on the machine, get a double “pipe”.


We step back from the edge of 5-6 cm (2 cm plus the width of your gum belt) and give the second line. We have prepared for the opening gum.


We fill our skirt “surprise”, it can be pompons same color or different colors and different sizes. In my experience, too little is lost, it is best to average diameter, I used pompons with a diameter of 25 mm and 35 mm. Pompons can put in one or both layers of the skirt, as you like.


Do not forget to change the lower-thread rubber band on your machine on a normal thread. Sew the sides of our skirts. Each layer is stitched separately.


Vdevaem gum produced an opening for the belt.


And connecting the ends of the gum.


So, our skirt ready! My daughter appreciated the skirt, and with pleasure considered domestic content 🙂

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We add to this skirt elegant accessory – a bow. It is done very simply. Take a small piece of tulle (25 cm by 25 cm). In width, stepping back from the edge of 1 cm,


Wrenched seam inside and place it in the middle (the seam is on the bottom layer).


Folded in half and tying in the middle of a small cut-white tulle. It turns out that’s a bow.


Inside pompons have a small diameter of about 5 mm. This bow you can sew on a T-shirt or an ordinary bandage.



So, quickly and easily, we have sewn tulle skirt with a surprise and from the remnants of tulle built elegant bow. Trying on my little model showed that the outfit ready for the holiday!

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