How to Sewing kit for little fashionistas “Summer Garden”

Soon the summer, and therefore, in this master class, we offer to make a tunic and pants made of light pleasant floral cotton.
In the summer it will be an indispensable outfit for each day for your baby.
The complexity of the sewing minimum (entry level). Production time from 2 hours to 2 nights, depending on your sewing skills possession. We’ll use color and monochrome cotton poplin.
For sewing kit, we need:
– Paper patterns;
– Pencil or crayon on cloth;
– Fabric in two colors;
– Dressmaker pins;
– A pair of scissors;
– Thread to match the fabric;
– elastic;
– 2 buttons;
– Sewing machine, serger (if available).
For sewing kit on the growth of 80 cm we need a length of 50 cm floral cotton 140 cm and cutting monochrome poplin just 50 x 140 cm.
Let’s start with tunics. Sew a tunic of 2 fabric colors (we have it colored cotton poplin and monophonic), if desired, it can be worn on two sides.
Pattern is easy to do using the finished T-shirt.
In our case, for the size of the growth of 80 cm for the tunics we need otrez cotton poplin and size of 75 cm by 50 cm.
Plans are now taking on the fabric. The fabric we have excellent quality, and hardly wrinkled. But still, do not forget before you start to iron cloth.
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Cut, glue the parts tunic inside out and shear pins or baste details.
Firmware (connect) the machine parts tunics, departing from the edge of 0.5-1 cm.
Starting to embroider on the shoulder. Sew around, it turns out one continuous line.
Make incisions in places in rounding parts, notching cloth from the edge to the machine stitch.
Using a ruler, or any long stick to turn out the front of the tunic through nezashitoe shoulder.
For further work otglazhivaem tunic.
One shoulder we had nezashitym. In nezashitom place to bend the fabric on the wrong side and press it. Fold the edge at the same width as the machine line (0.5-1 cm) was made. Shear pin or baste shoulder.
Paving the decorative stitch along the edge of the tunic at a distance of 0.2-0.5 cm from the edge. Starting line with nezashitogo the shoulder. Sew around the circle one continuous line.
Buttoning buttons on the tunic can, buttons or tie ribbons on the shoulders in the bows.
Our tunic is fastened with buttons.
To do this, using a special tab, make buttonholes on the shoulders from the back.
603 604
On the shoulders from the forehand sew buttons.
Tunica ready! Buttoning buttons, we dress up our little model and admire the result.
607 608
We proceed to the panties.
Any finished the pattern transferred to the paper.
In our case, we take the size of 50 cm otrez monochrome poplin fabric of 60 cm. Fold it in half inside out and pin up the pattern. Contours, making allowance of 1 cm and cut by the drawn line. We get two of the same parts.
From the main cotton cut into strips for future ryushek. They can be of your choice of any width and in any quantity. I will make three ruffles.
For this cut out from the three cotton flower strip 7 cm wide and 70 cm long.
On overlock or your sewing machine, using a special foot, treat edge panties details.
Shear pin or baste details panties and sew on the machine. First short seams (2 seam leg), then a middle seam.
Otutyuzhivaem internal seams.
The waist and legs in shorts will gum. Width 0.8 cm gum.
You can neaten edge of the bend on the wrong side in the width of 1 cm and sew, leaving 1 cm not hardwired for threading elastic bands.
Or you can make a more accurate, in my view, an option. To do this, crooking neaten the edge to the wrong side of 0.5 cm, press out or paving the typewritten line, which will then be easy to remove, on the edge of her panties (on the top of the article and the edge of the leg).
Once again we wrap on the wrong strontium at a width of 1 cm, shear or baste. Paving machine line in the region, leaving 1 cm nezashitym for threading elastic bands.
Once flashed, we remove the auxiliary line and our panties almost ready. Fold pants, find the sides and mark the chalk or pins. Ruched will sew on the ass of the planned sides.
Handle on the overlock sewing machine or the edge of the future quilling. Exactly in the middle of each frill paving machine on a line with a maximum size of the stitch. For the upper thread astringent ruffles, evenly distributing the assembly.
Using a ruler and chalk, draw a line on the shorts, which will be sewn ruffles. We are three lines at a distance of 5 cm.
Along the lines of ruffles pinned down and stitched by a typewriter.
Hitting the auxiliary lines by means of which the assembly made quilling. A left nezashitymi place lines, using a safety pin, vdevaem gum.
The edges and sew gum is sutured, and now is not the right place for threading elastic bands. We sew tags, bows and even that heart’s content.
Shorts are ready for fitting, and their little mistress to conquer the world!
618 619
I wish you all the inspiration and creative success.
courtesy: livemaster
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