Shelves from cardboard

Shelves from cardboard

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Shelves from cardboard

If you have any paper left me. Do not waste dumped into it. Let’s inventions shelves made of simple but beautiful too. Because today we have the idea of ​​making paper from shelves. Waste materials that can be used within the shoe. Or the use of reducing waste to the world. He also helped organize the home of friends, too, while saving money in the pockets to buy new shelves, too. Let’s see how to do it.

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First, cut out a piece of cardboard rectangle the size you want to have multiple sheets.

Then the paper is assembled about four layers with adhesive tags. Then let dry

The paper is then dried into a rectangular shape. For shelves Then cover with white paper inside. In order to have a more beautiful.


On each floor, the friends come together that a large shelf in the example shown. Large sheets of paper are attached to the rack in the same shape. Then the compound until the desired shape.


White paper collages cut off. Or be painted with acrylic or not. Just as it would have been pretty occupied shelves already.


Friends can be a drawer, too. The latter consists of a paper drawer. Decorate with colorful paper Different This was pretty successfully for shelves that can be easily made from cardboard it.


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