Shibori Painting Techniques

Shibori Painting Techniques

Shibori Painting technique What if you’re going to ask, cloth decoration and styling is one way in Japan. Shibori is used in fashion and decoration. The pattern using a variety of techniques while achieving a modern appearance dyeing fabrics are made. Made in various shapes techniques Shibori there. Beads made ​​with the technique Shibori-maki what I try to explain. It is better to use natural fabrics such as cotton or silk.

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Tie Dye How?

  • White cotton fabric
  • Round beads or pebbles
  • Rubber bands
  • Latex gloves
  • Apron
  • Indigo blue dye and stabilizer
  • 400 g salt
  • Scissors
  • Ladle
  • Container for mixing

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We first what-scrub technique of Shibori will apply to the fabric. Later time will tell with this fabric bag construction. I cut a piece of white cotton fabric with a 60 × 150 cm.

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Wooden beads with different sizes we cut the fabric so that the back of the fabric firmly Pack is I tie tire. You can give intensity toward the front of the bag.

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Fabric ready. Now let’s move to the preparation of the paint. Try to painting outdoors if possible. Wear gloves and gowns. If you wish, you can use natural indigo dye. Prepare a large bowl of warm water in 5-7 liter 40 degrees you do not use for food.

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Add 400 g salt. Salts according to the type of paint used optionally.

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Now add into the paint. After thoroughly complicate until melted add the fixative.

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The fabric we prepared another bowl with hot water beads I bekletel.

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Now we prepare the dye into the fabric carefully Let’s place.

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Soak a stirring 20-30 minutes.

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Draw the fabric from the paint container.

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Cold water Let rinsing.

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We can no longer dry cloth.

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I draw all the rubber band after thoroughly dry cloth.

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Wash with detergent every time you use cloth and rinse with warm tap water. Leave to dry in the shade. Wash with bleach needs to bowl you use to paint.

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Shibori Painting technique to prepare what-scrub cloth that you have prepared. I will discuss the progress we made this fabric bag with construction times.

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