How to sew a simple backpack

This simple backpack can make in 30 minutes or less. Sewn easily handle even the novice.
What if you make a backpack with your child? Children will enjoy, because in less than an hour they will have a great backpack for the right things to the same linked with his own hands!
You need to pack:
  • 2 cut tissue size 33 x 45 cm
  • Otrez 1 x 23 15 cm
  • 1.5 m cord or twill tape,
  • sewing machine,
  • scissors,
  • thread.
To start up loans pocket.
This patch pocket is to be located on the front of the bag.
1. Fold the pocket edges on all four sides by 0.5 cm and iron.
2. Again, bend the upper edge 3.5 cm and press them.
4-7. Now we have to draw the corners. Follow the instructions on the photo.
Now, sew along the dotted lines and remove the finished pocket.
Secure with pins in the pocket tissues.
Fold the rectangles of fabric right sides. Sew along the dotted lines: bottom edge sew in full, and the sides of the backpack flash, a little before reaching the edge.
Now, the upper edge of the backpack handle: wrap first edge 0.5 cm and ironed, then another 3.5 cm and again to iron.
Make sure the cord is placed and sew straight stitches.
Finally, take the cord is fixed to the end of a pin – so it will be easier to pass through the cord. Insert the end of the cord with a pin in the hole 1 at the bottom of the rucksack (backpack thus turned inside out), then conduct the cord up and inserted into a side opening 2 at the top, to stretch the holes 3, on the other hand go to the hole 2 and back to port 1.
Sew to secure the cord. Likewise vdet cord on the other side of the backpack.
courtesy: anngol
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