Slippers from plastic bottles

Slippers from plastic bottles

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Slippers from plastic bottles

Girls note tied with attaching the plastic part! It can be

and without plastic, just crocheted. A mounting method, in my opinion, rational.


Using plastic bottles can make a lot of interesting things .

For example, the original summer slippers.

For this we need:

The soles of sneakers (can be cut from rubber or linoleum) – 4 pcs. (Two right and two left)

Threads for roping

Crochet hook


4 strips of plastic bottles of 1.5 cm by 15 cm

Decor: 2 buttons or beads.

5 cm transparent rubber tube (approximately 0.5-0.7 cm in diameter, you can use the handset away from the dropper)

Glue for rubber surfaces


Hole punch, awl

Do using Punch (or punch) hole in the plastic strips. The holes should be arranged at regular intervals and be symmetrical. It is better to pre-mark where they should be. Use scissors to trim the ends of the strips, rounded them.

Tie strips of hook simultaneously connecting two strips in the form of the letter V



Assign a chain length of 8 cm, leaving at the beginning and end of the thread tails to bind to the sole. Thread the string through the decor (buttons, beads, flower …)

Thread the string through tied with strips. Put the ends of the chain knitted rubber tube


Make a hole in one pair of soles (the ones that will be on) and tie hook. Make a hole in the sole in the area of ​​attachment rprozrachnoy tube – between the first and second finger


Thread the string through the hole and fasten thread on the inside of the foot, tying them to tie a hook edges


Lubricate the second pair of soles rubber cement, as well fluff thread on the wrong side. Press down firmly part of the soles together until dry adhesive


These are the slippers you can eventually get





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