Soft hexagons box for sewing

Soft hexagons box for sewing

Soft hexagons box for sewing

vertical case for scissors, pencils, markers, all that is needed for sewing.


For work required:

  • cardboard box from under the cereal for breakfast (or something like that)
  • scraps of fabric,
  • needle and thread,
  • optional – textile glue (not one that sticks together “firmly”). I think that will be enough conventional paper
  • glue in “pencil”, a plump white rod in the plastic tube.

Operating procedure:

Cut the cardboard box six rectangular strips of 5 to 10 cm and of a monochromatic fabric scraps – six strips 7 to 14 cm. Put cardboard boxes in strips of cloth and fasten with glue or pins. Wrap the fabric on the other side of the cardboard strips, as if wrapping them in the matter from all sides.


Cut the cardboard template three-hexagon side 5 cm. One hexagon fixed on the flap of fabric glue or pin. To another tack conventional piece of cloth and thread stitches.  


From the third hexagon to do blank walls of our etui. To do this, cut it in half, as shown in the illustration, spread on both halves of the paper. Between them should remain in the space of 5 cm. The contours of the resulting shape and make it six cardboard templates for the walls of the case. Wall wraps a piece of cloth and fasten with glue or pins.

4 5

Start sewing. Take turns etui wall, and sew them in pairs, then another in pairs, a hidden seam over the edge. In places druh leave nezashitye seams – we’ll have more stuff wall etui cushioning material. That’s what should you get as a result

6 7 8 (1)


Now sew the same way the inner wall surface of the etui. It should look like this:
Next step: carefully removed from the walls of cardboard etui, put in the middle of the “inside” of hard cardboard frame – and sew the inner surface on the outside again, hiding the seam over the edge. Sew until the one end, the other remains nezashitym.

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Make Donets etui. Overturn etui the party with which vnutnennya and external parties have not yet sewn together is applied to the inner surface (cardboard steering hex) is one of our shestugolnikov, leather cloth (see. P.2) and a hidden seam over the edge sew it to the edges of the hexagon . After collum sewn, stitched together and an outer surface of the collum etui a hidden seam.

10 11 12

Overturn the resulting bottom product down, take a last-blank hexagon, take out of her cardboard frame and fixed to the bottom of the product inside

13 14

The last thing you need to do – to fill our product. Nezashitymi stuffed through the remaining stitches, not too tight, otherwise the whole structure may break or become distorted. Finally, we sew up the seams through which we packed our case.
We put on the table, put inside your favorite tools to stick a few pins, rejoice in their work.

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