Sprig technique “kanzashi”

Sprig technique "kanzashi"

Sprig technique “kanzashi”


I decided to do a craft for the assembly of flexible branches in engineering “kanzashi.” I just this flexibility in some papers missing. Especially when you want to smooth lines and the ability to “turn” item in the right direction when such ornaments in hairstyle. Now I share my idea, maybe not new, but someone needs!

And then there’s the order based on the work … In general, it was a sin not to take advantage of this opportunity and did not kill two birds … Oh it is a preface! Watch MK:

For work, we need:


1) Beading wire 0,3mm green,

2) pliers,

3) Adhesive (I typed polymer into a syringe)

4) petals for branches and flowers,

5) green beads,

6) beads,

7) large sequins,

8) caps for beads

Cut the piece of wire (length adjust themselves in need), folded in half and twist, leaving a small loop


now we are beginning to stick the leaves so that the wire is between them


the top lobe of pasting in a way that it has been inserted between the two lobes, but the base “sitting” on a hang tab


then continue paste paired leaves to the length of the branches, we need …

Now collect the berry:


I hope it is clear without words 

place seam beads and “caps” gently coat with glue and tightly connect all


Now pick a flower:


here, too, of course … as a basis for the use of flower sequins with a hole where a day then bead on the wire


Now we gather all the elements together and bending a twig as we want


And here Clip using such elements sprigs


Courtesy”: .liveinternet.ru

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