Stains on clothes

Stains on clothes

Stains on clothes

The problem is every mom – no stains on clothes. What to do when all the ways of output spots tried, but the result is not happy. And each such spot leads to frustration. With this master class you will enjoy every new stains are not with your child! And most importantly – you can do together that will allow you to be more friendly and develop creativity in the child!


To begin with, discuss with your child the picture that would make a compelling thing, I loved you all and paint all the stains on clothes. And after that you are ready to co-creation!

For work, we need:

– Acrylic paint for Silk;

– Nylon or synthetic brush number 2 and number 5;


– The contours of the tissue;


– A water jar;

– Tracing paper to transfer pattern on the T-shirt;

– Scissors;

– Heavy paper or cardboard to enclose inside the t-shirt.

Getting Started.

1. encircles our T-shirt on cardboard or heavy paper and cut out the contour of it. Paste what we get in T-shirts. This will help us to maintain a clean T-shirt back, because figure does not seep through.

4 5

2. printed out the selected pattern and mark up its position on the T-shirt. I have this butterfly.


3. For my butterflies initially need to draw a colorful background. For this painting for batik, apply paint, filling in all the spots that you want to hide. And since my child really tried with spots, then I increase the basis of butterflies and paint a little bit more than the original figure. Now I enclose a printed pattern inside the T-shirt. So we will see where you need to apply the paint for the base of a butterfly.

7 8 (1)


And this basis we get in the end. Put a T-shirt in a warm place, the paint has dried up and wait about two hours.


4. When the paint has dried impose tracing paper and a printed pattern on top of the t-shirts.


5. Transfer of a pencil drawing on tracing paper over a T-shirt. That is what eventually happened.


6. Apply the resulting contour black paint.


Here is a butterfly I have turned.


7. All the girls like crystals, they can simulate circuits using tissue. Apply the paint just as you want.


You can apply the contours anywhere, according to your desire and taste, choosing a different color. My daughter very happy to choose the color and location on the butterfly.


And so wonderful we got a T-shirt! All summer it can be the envy of her friends behave affectedly. And most importantly, this exclusive t-shirt is nowhere!


I wish you creative ideas and create unique things! Do not be afraid to be bright and unique! Thank you!


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