Stand for hot

Stand for hot

Stand for hot

Finally comes the hot season favorite ice cream) Goodbye figure hello hello and calories from ice cream sticks ! Ideas for the use of the most wooden sticks at me already accumulated a great many, can look for inspiration in the category. It makes stick can make a fabulous house, decorative panels, miniature school desk with benches for dolls, flower well, vases and many other things – it would be eaten more ice cream) And by the way, if the rods are not collected, you can go to the pharmacy for Medical spatulas – the same


So, consider another idea of ​​using sticks from ice cream to create a stand for hot. A podstavochki something we have not simple, with a thin brush painting with acrylic paints) to work we need:

  • sticks of ice cream or medical spatulas,
  • acrylic paints,
  • brush
  • Melt with hot glue.

That’s the pattern we paint our sticks:


Wooden sticks pre-paint with acrylic paint blue, blue, green and other shades – whichever color you have in your kitchen interior.

To paint and dry sticks begin to thin brush painting white acrylic paint.


That’s how it should turn out: Now you are ready to assemble podstavochki. Glue sticks using Melt with hot glue




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