String from threads

String from threads

String from threads

Such a string of thread handy everywhere – for children’s clothing, home decoration, tie a ribbon instead of a gift, crafts to hang on the wall. Done quickly and easily from any thread, and this is its advantage, though compared to other braided line a twisted cord slightly less durable.


You can make a string of only two threads or thick as a finger and more, and the thread can take and sewing reel and thick yarn. You can mix yarns of different colors. It is particularly convenient to make a string of floss thread, if you want to choose a specific color. Although known to many a decorative twisted cord, I took a photo instruction for those who do not know.


So, take the thread and we will cut them to about 2.5 times longer than we need a power cord (this is with the stock). The more twisted in themselves be a thread, the more dense will make lace. To string of thread was smooth and beautiful, you need to align the threads, such as a comb (1, 2). At the ends of the beam after aligning the thread tying up nodules (optional) (3). One end of the anchoring (with one hand, or give hold assistant, or fasten a pin) and the other end of the beam thread twirl (4).
If the string of thread needed length of no more than you arm span, it is possible to do without an assistant. Better spinning in the same direction in which the threads are twisted fibers themselves, usually in a clockwise direction (5). If you are doing a long cord, it can be tied to a bundle of thread drills, and then twist the cord for a few seconds.
If tightening is required to keep the thread taut. Screw tightly the best, but to a bundle of threads remained flat (6). Now, one hand holding one end while the other is the middle (7). Or, if a long string of thread, anchoring one end, and you will find the middle or assistant.


Fold in half, holding the thread always tight. Fixed or hand firmly holding the ends of the strands (8). Now carefully start to let go of the cord from the middle – he curls! (9)
The end of the cable is required to fasten the unit or bandages thread (11), otherwise it will simply unwind back. And if you need to shorten the string of twisted threads, do not forget before you take up the scissors, cord secure from blooming.
Such is the detail turned my guide, but make a twisted cord of strings is so simple and fast.