How to make Striped beads

Striped beads

Striped beads

Here is a wonderful ideas to make striped beads made ​​in two versions. One hand and one with the bead roller.

Striped beads

Striped beads

I start making the different colors.
For this project I color Cernit translucent with different colors oil.
I use the colors green, yellow, pink and black.
A big dot is enough to color a whole packet.
The oil I mix first hand through the clay. Maybe you here
want some gloves.
The color of unbaked and baked clay differs.
Baked clay is a shade darker,
keep this in mind when mixing paint and clay.

Striped beads

After that I make at the middle of the pasta machine clay paste of all colors and white.
From this I cut rectangular slabs and pile it over and over, color, white, color
until all colors are used.
The cane is now ready.
I cutting of the cane thin slices of approximately 2 mm.
I roll a snake residual clay but if you do not have it then you use a color of your choice.
This is how I roll coated with 2 or 3 slices of the cane.
I cut the excess of the hose and roll it out on the work surface until I have a snake
of about an inch thick.


Turn the hose so that there is a twist in the pattern.
This hose I cut into pieces, not the same size, which makes it slightly more playful.
The ends of the pieces I squeeze slowly towards each other and I roll again on the work surface,
this bead is ready for the oven.


Another variation you can do with beads roller.
Simply take another piece hose and squeeze the ends gently around close.
Put it in the bead roller, I use here the oval shape.
Roll the bead but turn only one way, do not go and again.
Do this once or 3 and there is a nice twist on the bead.


When all the beads from the oven lacquer I them with Cernit Varnish Gloss and do they have to go back in the oven.
All these beads I drilled after baking and strung on long waxkoorden
resulting two wrapper chains.


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