How do you take this already gorgeous six yard beauty to a whole new level? Answer: By sporting the perfect blouse! Yes, it is arguably the best thing about a saree. Period. It is the deal breaker, and ask any woman – she will hi-fi you on that. Also, blouse and neck designs are at their beautiful best right now with so many fun and lovely designs. I don’t know about you, but I spend most of my time drooling and dreaming of blouses I cannot wait to have in my wardrobe. And, that’s why I present this catalogue of 30 latest blouse back neck designs that you all should try or add to your Pinterest boards, like, right NOW!

Before we deep dive into it, here is a snapshot of basic back neck designs. You could blend these with the designs we are going to discuss in a bit, and create something on your own. How exciting is that?!