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Stylish vase of burlap

Stylish vase of burlap

Hello everyone!

Decorating the house with his own hands, very easy to make a stylish and unusual vase for flowers!


Burlap can be found almost in every home, or in the absence thereof, cheaply to buy.

So, to work we need:


– Burlap (if desired, it can be painted) – plastic or metal container (we took a baby bucket) – scissors – Iron; – glue gun. Step 1 We measure the height and width of our container. And cut the appropriate piece of burlap, not forgetting to add 5 cm to a measured width.


Step 2

Now you need to use glue gun to glue the sack to the tank. Start to glue on.


Step 3

If you chose conical container (as in our case), then the bottom lay the small folds. The edges of the burlap glue lap.


Step 4

Cut out another piece of burlap strips the width of 5-7 cm. The length of the strips can be any.


Step 5

Thoroughly iron it all cut into strips.


Step 6

Then fold each strip in half and smooth it in that position.


Step 7:

Place the fold strips on the outside promazhte adhesive.


Step 8

Glue strips to the base of the container.


Step 9

Always apply strips of burlap as possible randomly, it will give a flowerpot volume and originality.


Step 10

Allow the glue to dry and your pot is ready.


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